The Importance Of Vitamin C

Vitamin c

When we were kids, we couldn’t wait to look and get older. But for many of us, now that those days are here, we want to slow or even turn back the clock on how we look and feel.

While we can’t do anything about the birthdays that arrive yearly without fail, we can fight against looking and feeling older. The fight begins by making sure that your body has enough of the proper minerals – such as vitamin C.

This vitamin is the one with a lot of power behind it and it can help you remain healthy and look younger. You have to get sufficient vitamin C in order for your body to be able to metabolize the iron it needs so you need both vitamin C and iron in your body in a balanced way.

Smoking is bad for you in lots of ways but did you know that it depletes the levels of vitamin c in your body? You do need to take vitamin supplements if you partake of the odd cigarette or more than the odd one. Smoking and lack of vitamin c shows up in your face when you look in the mirror.

You’ll notice immediate results because vitamin C goes to work fast by keeping your skin looking younger. It does this by stopping wrinkles and lines from forming on your skin.
Taking Vitamin C will help your facial skin look younger and the effects of aging on the skin can to some extent be reversed with the dryness associated with aging starting to get better. It helps as a skin toner and helps to increase the amounts of collagen in the skin which also helps you to look younger.

If you dont know what collagen is or does, just know that as a connective tissue, it can lead to wrinkles if the collagen starts to break down and collagen isnt just important for the skin but for the tendons and ligaments in your body. So its important in and out. Added to that it is also essential for the blood vessels and keeping healthy levels of white blood cells in your system to fight infections.

Those are just a few of the many reasons that it’s important for you to get enough vitamin C. Not only should you make sure that your daily diet is rich in vitamin C, but you’ll also want to use skin products that contain this valuable vitamin as well.

Because vitamin C is an antioxidant, it has a lot of preventative properties. It helps protect you from free radicals that can turn into certain cancers. Besides protection against cancer, vitamin C also offers protection against certain cardiovascular diseases.

By taking vitamin C supplements, you can actually lower your risk of heart related problems that are linked with aging. Vitamin C works for your heart by not allowing the build up of plaque within your arteries.

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