Dieting In 2016?

diet solutionThe Diet Solution Program is one of the bestselling dietary eBooks on the internet, downloaded by nearly half a million people in the time since it came onto the market in 2010, but what is it and does it work?

Isobel De Rios a well respected traditional and holistic nutritionist with a plethora of degrees and accreditations developed the program to be an alternative to all the hyped get rid of weight fast products available on the market.

This is a different sort of approach based as it is on looking at an individuals metabolic type. This is not a diet which has jumped on the dietary bandwagon exhorting the user to stop eating carbs or to eat broccoli with every meal, but is based on her experiences as a holistic nutritionist.

Being based on your metabolic type is a relatively new concept and not one without criticism but it does appear to make sense on an instinctive level. Basically we are all different and our dietary needs differ according to our metabolism. This is not some sort of short how to book, it is actually nearly 100 pages long and starts of with an extensive questionnaire to ascertain your metabolic type so your individual diet can be tailor made in effect. That diet will be based on the food stuffs that are best for your metabolic type, giving you the sorts and amounts of carbs, fats and protein you should be eating on a daily basis.

The questionnaire and the guidance in the book will allow you to examine what intolerances to certain foodstuffs could be having on your weight and what types of foods will work best for you and what combination of fats carbs and proteins will work. You will also be given the sort of calorie intake you need in a day which on a basic level works out to three meals and day with no snacking allowed apart from cheat days which are a staple now of many diets.

Having worked out what your body type is, you are then presented with full meal plans giving you nearly two months supply of recipes including your meals for the day and snacks. This isn’t a fad diet but based on sound healthy eating principles so plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables and a balanced mix of carbs, proteins and fats that you as an individual need according to your metabolic body type.

There are lots of reviews about this program including one from the author’s mother who was a diabetic and having used the diet herself is now better. Many diabetic problems are caused by diet and it is an increasing problem in the west so anything that helps with those statistics has to be welcomed.

This is a full package however and if you were thinking you could get away without any exercise, well you can but it does help if you increase your heart rate once in a while. So there are some very full exercise manuals with instructions and helpful photographs giving you all the cardio and resistance exercises you might need to speed up the weight loss process. Given the number of complimentary diet solution program reviews, this does seem to work.

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