CBD Capsules – 5 Must Know Facts

cbd tabletsAlmost everyone must be aware of the chemical THC, the ingredient in marijuana that makes people high. However, recently, attention has shifted to yet another compound present in marijuana known as CBD. There is hemp oil for sale on the internet so it is useful to know the facts surrounding this.While the various side effects of THC cannot be avoided, CBD does not offer such problems. In fact, the various medical benefits that this ingredient offers, continues to get popular each day. Let us now get to discover some interesting fact about this compound, which most people use in the form of capsules or oil.  so these are some of the facts with a bonus fact outlined in this article.


1. CBD Is an Important Ingredient Of Cannabis


CBD is one of the more than 60 compounds present in cannabis, belonging to the class of molecules known as cannabinoids. Amongst these compounds, THC and CBD are generally present in highest concentrations, and thus are most popular.


2. CBD Is Not Psychoactive


Unlike THC, CBD capsules do not result in a high. This can make CBD unpopular amongst recreational users, but it lends this chemical an important advantage as a medicine. Health professionals, in fact, have been using it as treatments with minimal side effects. CBD does not interfere with psychological and psychomotor functioning. It is safe and well tolerated, even at higher doses.


CBD is not psychoactive, as it does not act on the same pathway like THC. These pathways, known as CB1 receptors, are extremely concentrated in the brain and are liable for the mind-altering THC effects.



3. CBD Offers Many Medical Benefits


CBD has many medical properties, including:


Antiemetic – helps reduce vomiting and nausea


Anticonvulsant – helps suppress seizure activity


Anti-inflammatory – helps fight disorders


Antipsychotic – helps fight psychosis disorders


Anti-oxidant – helps fight neurodegenerative disorders


Anti-cancer/Anti-tumoral – helps fight cancer and tumor cells


Anti-depressant/Anxiolytic – helps fight depression and anxiety


However, most of these evidences are obtained from animal experiments, as very few studies have been conducted on human patients.


A pharmaceutical version of CBD was developed recently by a UK based drug company. The company now offers clinical trials on CBD for treating schizophrenia and some types of epilepsy.


4. CBD Helps Decrease the Negative Effects of THC


CBD capsules can protect a person against marijuana high. According to many studies, CBD can help reduce the many intoxicating effects of THC, like paranoia and memory impairment.


CBD also helps counteract THC’s sleep inducing effects, and this perhaps is the reason why certain strains of cannabis is popular for increasing alertness.


There are no risks of lethal overdose with both THC and CBD. However, to avoid possible side effects, users may use cannabis with higher doses of CBD.


5. Combats Cancer Spread


CBD pills may reduce spread of some types of cancer cells. The National Cancer Institute has reviewed many studies and found out that cannabidiol might create a protective effect against cancer. This review includes the research that investigates benefits of CBD treatment for various types of cancers, including, lung, colorectal and breast cancer.


6. CBD is not only smoked- the bonus



Many people think that just like THC, CBD also needs to be smoked. However, the fact is CBD is available in the form of oil and capsules as well.

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