Health Benefits From Drinking Water

drinking waterWe take water, H20, for granted. It may be all around and we are vaguely aware of the health benefits of drinking water. Yes, water is certainly good for us, but it would help if health experts explained the reason why we should drink water. They often say that we should stay well hydrated. This is perfectly true, but why is it so important? And hang on a minute, what contains water in the first place?

Do we need to drink more water? We should all drink more HEALTHY water, but not all water is healthy. The new modern waters such as Black water, and various sports drinks touted as water, are not really that good for us. Black water may contain electrolytes, but a small slice of melon contains more. Do you know what the same slice of melon contains as well? Water.

Two liters of water per day is good for you but you can absorb it in other ways as well. An apple contains about 100 milliliters of water and lots of healthy goodness at the same time. Spoil yourself, eat an apple.

What Is So Special About Water?

Did you know that our hormones need water to function well? If, we don’t have enough water in our bodies, or hormones cannot function that efficiently. For instance, this can lead to prostate problems in men and ladies may find that they start to produce too much oestrogen. Both men and women can encounter health problems because of being dehydrated. Men may find that their PSA level rises, and women may find that their cycle changes, or they start storing more fat. Women who drink more water often say that they lose weight. Yes, they do because their hormonal balance changes.

Flushing out toxins is part of the function of our body as well. Not only can the body use water to flush out toxins, but it can use it to flush out fats and rubbish genetic codes as well. Rubbish genetic codes is another way of saying viruses. The better hydrated we are. the more likely the cells are able to deal with viruses. More anti-oxidants are moving around in our bloodstream, and they will help to combat viruses. Once a virus has been marked, it can be quickly dealt with, handed over to appropriate body function and flushed out with the help of water.

Our immune system is highly dependent on water. Most of the immune system lives in the bowel, and water will help to cause bowel moments. Drink more water to be healthier they say. It is true, support your immune system by drinking more water, but at the same time remember the apple. The apple contains water as well different anti-oxidants and pectin – a natural fiber which acts like a broom. The more fruit and vegetables we eat, the more water and healthy materials we take on board. Don’t only think of water as water you drink, think of it as what you eat as well.

Should I Be Drinking Mineral Water?

Maybe yes, but have you checked what is in your mineral water? Some mineral waters are very high in salt (sodium) and will do you more harm than good. The salt level in your mineral water should never exceed 20 mg per liter. Anything above that may not benefit you at all. Always read the label before you buy the water.

Fruit flavored water maybe bad for you as well. Once again you need to check the label, but if your health fruity water contains aspartame, you may want to think twice. Aspartame is associated with many different health problems and may even be banned soon. If it contains Stevia as a sweetener, your fruit flavored water maybe safe to drink, but check what else it has in it.

We seemed to have turned water into a science all of its own, and we should ask why. We are concerned about our health, and maybe we are beginning to appreciate that water is a precious commodity. After all, pollution is a serious problem in this day and age, and we have polluted our water in many different ways.

The health benefits of drinking water are clear but we should ensure that we drink good quality water, and recognize that we can get water from other sources as well.

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