Tips For Lifelong Health And Fitness

healthy livingIf you would like to live a contented, healthy and long life, then the key to total well-being is eating healthily, getting plenty of rest and getting some exercise.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recomends that all adults get a half-hour or maybe more of physical exercise no less than five days every week.  The American College of Sports Medicine agrees, so if you want lifelong well-being, it is actually time to start thinking holistically about your health and fitness.

Prior to deciding to undertake any new exercise, you should discuss your plans with your doctor. If there are no contra- indications then you can start by  remembering that exercise does not have to hurt you or your muscles to show that it is working. It doesn’t have to be painful.

Your doctor can make recommendations for you in case you have any limiting factors like certain health or physical problems. He or she might even have the ability to recommend various exercises that are right for you. Aquatics tend to be a good solution for people with arthritis. In addition there are variations on Pilates that can be done by individuals with limited mobility.

Whichever form of activity you decide on, realize that being active reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure levels, diabetes and even cancer. Diabetics who get some exercise regularly may sometime see that  they can decrease the level of medicine they have to take.

Exercise helps raise good types of cholesterol and helps strengthen your bones so you can lessen your chance of osteoporosis. Physical activity also helps you focus on balancing yourself to help you reduce chances of taking a fall as you age. Moreover, there are many mental benefits to exercising including reducing anxiety and depression.

There are two main ways to increase the amount of movement in your day. You are the only person who can choose to take control of your health and to choose to be more physically active. So, you can use the stairs rather than the elevator or walk towards the corner store as opposed to jumping into the car. In fact walk instead of driving wherever you can. Do lots of gardening, or dancing or any other type of physical activity that you might enjoy.

Another way to increase the movement is by trying out specific exercises. Exercise is targeted towards helping us all get fit, but even something as simple as a brisk 30-minute walk equates having a decent exercise regime. Try and increase your daily walks both time and speed wise over a period of weeks rather than months and you will see the benefits both in increased lung function and reduced waistline. A weight loss program like customized fat loss which is geared to a personalized approach to getting fitter is worth looking at.

Bike rides, running and using gym machines like treadmills may also be great exercise methods. See what classes are available close to you. Yoga classes and Zumba are fantastic additions to your weekly routine and quite often it is possible to take one class at one time.

Do not forget that variety can help you reap much more health benefit than doing the same thing over and over.. Vary your activities from gardening one day to walking the next and adding a cardio workout into your weekly routine if you are able.

Activities that build endurance help you raise your breathing rate, your heart rate and assist you to improve circulation and heart and lung performance. Strength activities improve the muscles, ease your joints and look after bone strength. Gain balance and enhance your concentration by using a Tai Chi class.

Whichever you decide on, start on the road to on-going personal well-being by exercising more today. Your  health does depend on it.

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