Seven Health Tips To Take Onboard

health tipsIf you want to live a long live then its important to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Here are a few health tips to get you started.

  1. Nuts Are Good For You So Eat More.

Nuts are loaded with Vit E, protein, omega 3 and zinc to name just a few. If you are looking to lose weight then you may be interested in research which shows that those nut eaters who consume on a regular basis are generally slimmer than their nut free counterparts. The vitamins and nutrients in nuts also help your skin. We are clearly talking nuts in their natural form, not coated in chocolate or salt!

2 Aim to increase your vitamin D

The easiest way is to get out and about in the sun. Yes some climates have more sun than others but even 10 minutes a day will do wonders for your vitamin D intake.

3 Don’t compare yourself to others

We all do it. We look at others and want to be like them without thinking through what that actually means. We are all different and our bodies react differently to different stimuli. You need to set goals that are relevant to you in order to get positive long term results. Take it step by step. If your aim is to cut down on drinking, try swapping one of your alcoholic beverages for water or another non-alcoholic drink. If you want to cut down on wheat, use the same sort of strategy, taking it step by step. Once the first goal is achieved, consider how you feel and build on that.

4 Take care of the internals.

We are all made up of bacteria and we need to take care of it. Our internal structures are a miracle of checks and balances and its important to take care of yourself, starting with your insides. Your digestive system is key to good health so keeping the gut flora happy ensures that the rest of your system functions properly. Take a probiotic like yogurt or one of the proprietary brands every day to keep your gut in tip top condition. Keep an eye on your nutrition generally. As the saying goes-everything in moderation.

5 Use it or lose it

You need to keep moving. That is of paramount importance. A decrease in muscle mass is one of the biggest factors in aging and in mortality. If you have a desk job, try and take a walk at lunch time or take the steps instead of the elevator. If you drive and park to work then try parking a bit further away to increase the distance you walk. Try and do some balance exercises every day as well, like balancing on your toes. Anything you can do to keep active and moving increases the chances of living well and healthy into a ripe old age. The added benefit of keeping your weight down is a bonus. If you think you are overweight or want to tone up a little take a look at customized fat loss which is a personalised weight loss program with good reviews.

6 Increase your water intake

For many of us, water is a boring drink and its surprising how few of us know that we share something in common with water, our bodies are more than 70% water so avoiding drinking it can lead to dehydration and if you are dehydrated your body just doesn’t function properly. If you are stressed or sick your rates of dehydration can increase so its important to drink more at those times. Ideally you should aim for filtered water and there are plenty of water filters on the market but tap water is fine. You can also drink tea or coffee in moderation to add to the water intake but do be aware of your caffeine intake.

7 Bump your digestion

If you can start every day with warm water mixed with apple cider vinegar – don’t worry you will get used to the taste then you fire up you digestion and start to detoxify your system which can help keep your blood sugar levels on an even keel and help you to lose weight. So you get 2 benefits for the price of one glass of warm water!

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