Neck Pain Pillows – Treat Your Pain & Posture Problems

neck pain pillowsWondering how neck pain develops? Well, any activity that strains your neck will cause pain on it. Furthermore, injuries, depression, anxiety and many other factors can also contribute to the development of pain in and around the neck area. So, what’s the treatment for such a pain?

That’s where neck pain pillows come in. They are nothing other than specially designed pillows that help correct the problem when incorporated into other treatment routines. Again, matters that have to do with poor shoulder compression and skeletal support require these pillows as part of an essential treatment plan. They simply offer comfort, while alleviating pain, thus speeding up recovery.

But neck pain, whether it’s mild or chronic will need some sort of treatment. Other than seeking regular medical attention, neck pain pillows are a must-have for anyone suffering from such pains.

There are many types of these pillows in the market, and all of them come with unique specifications and benefits. It’s important to understand the key details involved especially if you’re a victim of neck pain.

The Pillow Types

The most common types of these pillows are chiropractic pillows, memory foam, orthopedic, neck support and neck traction. But as you can see, each name suggests something different. Here are a few things worth noting down.

(a) Chiropractic Pillow

This is a foam-based pillow with soft ages. It features a special chiropractic foam that offers added support. It also contains a memory foam that offers more comfort.

In most cases, this pillow is divided into 4 parts. The first part is a narrow contour edge with a shorter path to the soft fibre in the middle. There’s a a wide contour edge on the other side, whose main job is to create a longer path to the center. Finally, there is a medium fiber placed at the base of the pillow.

The design of this pillow is such that you can rest your head in 3 different ways. You can rest your neck on the medium fiber, a soft edge and soft fibre, or a wide edge and soft fibre.

This type of pillow is ideal for people suffering from neck alignment issues. They are also excellent for people who want added support for the head. Again, unlike some high density pillows for neck pain, chiropractic pillows don’t aggravate ear problems. These pillows are often prescribed to people who have suffered from tension headaches, whiplash or even back pain.

(b) Memory foam pillow

This pillow will follow the contours of the head and neck, ultimately arching on the part that supports the neck, thus cupping on the head and arching again at the back to make a special border for the top of the head.

Expensive ones are made of pure foam will cheaper ones will feature a mixture of foam and sand fillings. A good memory foam pillow will always conform to the posture of the person using it. If it doesn’t, they won’t be advisable to use it. Also, a pillow which conforms to the posture but needs break-in-period is not good either.

(c) Orthopedic pillows

These pillows are available in variety, though the ones designed to treat neck pain feature a cupped center to support the head. Some brands even have a neck roll placed on the edges of the lower part. The neck roll enhances comfort and support, plus some manufacturers claim the neck roll has therapeutic effects.

These pillows are ideal for people who have suffered from neck alignment problems. Furthermore, poor neck alignment can cause insomnia and snoring in some cases. So if these symptoms are present in you, this is the pillow to go for.

An Orthopedic pillow also lets the head rest at a specific height, thus discourages tension. This way, the person won’t experience neck stiffness or arthritis.

(d) Neck support pillow

The natural curve of the neck is affected by daily activities that force people to bend or twist their necks in awkward angles. This type of pillow was discovered back in 1895, and has been actively used by neck pain sufferers up to this date. It simply prevents or treat pains or headaches caused by poor neck posture.

(e) Neck Traction pillow

It’s small and inflatable, plus it forms a U-shape that can easily be wrapped around the neck. It corrects problems associated with reversed or reduced neck curves. That’s because it alleviates neck muscle tension. When using this pillow, you should wrap it around the neck while deflated before inflating until the desired level of traction is achieved.

Final Tip

A good neck pain pillow should be comfortable. However, keep in mind that the more the comfort it offers, the more costly it becomes. But in general, costly neck pain pillows are ideal for people who don’t want to cause the slightest pain or interference with their necks. In fact, a good pillow should facilitate a good posture for the neck, the back and the shoulders, so choose wisely.

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